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Courses of Magic for youngsters and Adults- Groups and Individual classes - Palma de Mallorca - Spain


Curiosity is a natural instinct, and it is common in people of all ages, and this becomes a need to explore and investigate. Every one of us once had the need to discover what was behind an act of magic.
Who have not lived or think about magic moments, magi is always present, our objectives in live usually come from an illusion. The phases of our lives are full of realties and fantasies that start in our imagination.
“The possibility to make a dream come true is what makes life interesting.” (Paulo Coelho)

It is never easy to learn this wonderful art, this opportunity was for a few of us, we needed to know a magician to teach us all his secrets.
Magic has always been a very well kept secret and was trespassed from a teacher to his student, being very important not to give away their knowledge. The concept is key to preserve the art and I will like to clarify that we will study all the aspects of magic, from the technique to its practice, going through the theory to the appropriate presentation according to the psychological aspects, learning not only the tricks but also a true magic effect.

Felix has been performing his profession for 15 years, and this will allow you to be in contact with magic in its pure nature, functional magic in its real field of action, the one that catches the attention of the entire public whether in a professional act or simply during friendly gatherings.

Courses are for people who want to do an activity during their free time to make magic a hobby, to amateurs that would like to increase their knowledge of magic and to make it a vocation and also to those people that, with our without previous knowledge, would like magic to be their profession.

Students will develop the confidence, oratory, sharpness, memory, intuitive quality, manipulative skills, and motion coordination. Magic provides a strong self-esteem to those who practice it.

There are three different courses depending on your needs:

General knowledge of the specialties: You will be able to see all variants of magic in a basic form acquiring the necessary knowledge to make all the effects. This course will provide you a general view of all the magic specialties helping to find the most suitable and interesting for you.
Stage magic, room magic, close magic, manipulation, magic for children, card magic, the viewer psychology, mentalism, comic magic, magic with animals, big illusions, improvised magic, etc.

Specific knowledge of a specialty: The activity program will be made according to the chosen specialty. Following a strict methodology we will see in detailed the specialty to reach an advanced knowledge with the highest technical complexity.

Specific knowledge of several specialties: We will teach in depth about the specialties that the student wants. a course "a la carte" to satisfy all their interests.

Every one can learn several magic effects from the different types of magic.


Group or Individual Classes
Group classes: The classes could have a maximum of 4 students. The groups will be formed by the students’ similar interests. Working with small groups allows teaching in a clear and direct way. One of the advantages of learning in group is the feedback from other classmates. There is a continuous learning-teaching process that favors the understanding and assimilation of the content.

Individual classes: The student will be able to work on his own interests and this will allow him to understand the content, achieving to learn in a more significant and fast way. The direct teacher-student relation will optimize the time during classes.

Both, during group and individual classes the student will learn to perform magic tricks as of the first class.

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